Ships of the Fleet

Where we all come together as a fleet as often as possible, each ship and her crew act independently as well. Where some are formed by location of their home ports, others come together for their travels from all parts of the Kingdom and beyond. For more information on a ship, please click on her colors below.

The Alyssa Lyn Rose

Captained by
Master Thorgrimr inn Kyrri

The Black Rose

Captained by
Lord Ihone Munro

The Dark Lady

Captained by
Lady Kellia Ironrose

The Gryphon's Revenge

Captained by
Lord Jehan-Franc de Blauvac

The Heart of Scylla

Captained by
Lady Celina de la Bellemer

The Kai Ryuu

Captained by
Baron Takeda Yoshinaka

The LionSlayer

Captained by
Master Otto von Schwyz

The Moonracer

Captained by Mistress Caitriona inghen Ghiolla Phadraig

The Queen of Storms

Captained by
Lord Yusef ibn Hassan al-Rasuli

The Siren's Song

Captained by
Baroness Una Redfox

The Skidbladnir

Captained by
Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain

Fleet Vessels

Some vessels are special to all of us within the Corsairium, as they serve specific needs to both the Fleet and beyond.

The North Star

Captained by Lord Gawain de Berri

The North Star is our vessel for new members to the Corsairium as we introduce them to the nautical life.

The Sea Sprite

Captained by Trian de Barri

The children of The Corsairium crew The Sea Sprite as they gather together both on and off the field.

The Tribute

Captained by Baron Séamus Blær de Maxwell

The Tribute is a Memorial Ship that is burned each year at War of the Wings, honoring those no longer with us.

Inactive Ships

Through the years, we have had many fine crews sailing with The Corsairium. Though some may have not actively been with the Fleet in quite some time, we have not forgotten contributions made by all. Fair winds to our friends!

The Carnage
Captain Yusef ibn Hassan (Draxus Primus)
The Soul Reaver
Captain Raphael de la Rosa
The Scoundrel
Captain Nichola Buscelli
The Sea Stalker
Captain Ronan MacStalker (Draxus Archonus)
The Brandubgh
Captain Jelyan de Coity
TMS Sea Tyger
Captain Donngal mac Ronain
The Sea Dog
Captain Humfrey Lovett
The Raptor
Captain Jack Black
The Panther Fierce
Captain Séamus Blær de Maxwell