The Alyssa Lyn Rose

The Alyssa Lyn Rose is a typical 3 masted Zhejiang Junk. She measures 31m length over deck, 26.3 m in the waterline, beam 6.8 m, depth in the hold 3.2 m and draft, including ballast, of 2.2m at the stem and 2.6m aft. She carries 50 tons of iron for ballast; additionally she has a 10 ton water ballast room behind the fore-mast and a ballast room aft. This junk has a total displacement of 230 tons.

The information on this ship was gleaned from a web published article by Thomas Hoppe "Mainland China: Revival of the Junk", Published 2004, last amendments March 2008. Mr. Hoppe passed May 24, 2010, doing what I believed he loved, sailing between Sweden and Denmark.
~Captain Thorgrimr

Master Thorgrimr inn Kyrri

Lady Temair ingen Fhaelchon meic Domnaill
Quarter Master

Sir Dagr Bloodaxe
Sailing Master

Mistress Siobhan nic Dhuinnshleibhe

Master Marcus Waffenschmidt
First Mate

Lady Morgan of Hawkwood
Master Gunner

Lord Ewin Morison
Able Bodied Sailor

Mistress Adeliza of Bristol
Royal Liaison