Current Fleet Leadership

As in all things, the leadership of The Corsairium serves the fleet by coordinating activities and promoting members within the Guild structure. If you have questions about The Corsairium, please feel free to seek out any of the leadership team.

Lord Ihone Munro

Lady Una Redfox
Baron Thorgrimr inn Kyrri
Mistress Caitriona inghen Ghiolla Phadraig
Baron Brendan O'Caiside
Chancellor, Education
Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain
Vice-Chancellor, Education

High Council (Retired Admirals)

The following dedicated individuals have served in the Fleet Leadership as Admirals in the past.

Lord Yusef ibn Hassan
al-Rasuli, Drax

Baron Ronan MacStalker

Lord Nichola Buscelli

Baron Brendan O'Caiside

Baron Thorgrimr inn Kyrri