The Black Rose

Flag ship of Her Majesties Corsairs
One of the founding ships in the fleet, The Black Rose is a short but swift Cog dedicated to patrolling the seas of Atlantia. She was docked for several years for repairs, but once more has been set loose to guard the seas as a marqued vessel.

Lord Ihone Munro

Mistress Alianor atte Red Swanne
Quarter Master

Baroness Murin Dunn
Sailing Master

Gabriel the Traveller

Lord Fedor Turovsyn

Maximus de Wolf
Master Gunner

Lady Amaranta Lucia Baldassare
First Mate

Lady Syelle von Dampach

Lady Annice Argent
Royal Liaison

Lady Cyneswith the Quiet
Able Bodied Sailor

Lady Celina de Bellmer
Able Bodied Sailor

Rose de Bellmer
Able Bodied Sailor