The Kai Ryuu

The Kai Ryuu (pronounced Kye Rye-you, Japanese for Sea Dragon) is a Chinese Junk about the size of a Arab Dhow. She was captured from wako (pirates) and currently operates in the Mediterranean. The Kai Ryuu is the sister ship to the TMS Sea Wolf and supports their mission to ferry pilgrims to the Christian Holy Land. Her main focus is the eradication of pirates.

Baron Takeda Yoshinaka

Lady Syible of Somerset
Quarter Master

John of the West Woods

Lady Janna of Falcon Cree

Lord Matsura Kenshin
Royal Liaison

Lord Antonio Felluci
Sailing Master


Lord Guntram Obermann
Master Gunner


Johnath of Lexton
First Mate

Lady Deirdre O'Halloran


Serena the Good
Able Bodied Sailor


Ashley the Troubled
Able Bodied Sailor

Able Bodied Sailor


Lord Thomas of St. Georges
Able Bodied Sailor