Persona Development

Lord William "Cookie" Barfoot

Building a persona has to be one of the more satisfying activities I have done in the SCA. This activity not only gives you an idea on who you are and how you should dress, but it gives you a great creative outlet when building a background. I am a strong believer in letting your persona grow naturally and organically. This will give you opportunities to grow as you learn and as situations change.

Below are a few questions I designed to be a starting exercise to get you thinking about your privateer persona. By no means are these allinclusive, but they should give you a good start thinking about your career as a privateer.

  • In which country was I born?
  • What time period do I live in?
  • What is my name?
  • How many other names am I known by?
  • Where do I live/sail now?
  • Why did I go to sea?
  • How did I become a privateer?
  • Where have I sailed?
  • What was my education? Can I read and write?
  • Am I religious? Superstitious?
  • Do I do anything else besides being a sailor?
  • Do I have a family? How many siblings, if any?
  • Married? To how many people?
  • Am I wanted anywhere? Am I afraid to go back there?
  • Can I swim?