The Bowline

Antonio di Giordani

The Bowline is most commonly used for forming a fixed loop, large or small at the end of a line. Tried and tested over centuries, this knot is reliable, strong and stable. Even after severe tension is applied it is easy to untie. However, because it does untie so easily it should not be trusted in a life or death situation such as mountain climbing. It is said to retain 60% of the strength of the line in which it is tied.

How to Tie a Bowline Knot

Step 1: Form an eye in the rope with the standing part of the rope running underneath. Run the free end up through the eye making a loop below the eye.

Step 2: Take a turn around the standing part and feed the free end back down into the eye and hold there.

Step 3: Pull standing part to tighten down the knot.