The Skidbladnir

Skidbladnir is a Norse Karfi named for the ship owned by Freyr. She measures 15 m with a beam of 6 m. Her draft is just over 1 m making her perfect for coastal and river raids. Although she can carry a small amount of cargo, she is a warship to the core. She is outfitted for 10 pairs of oars.

Ship's Crew

Captain Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain
Quarter Master vacant
Sailing Master vacant
Boatswain vacant
Carpenter vacant
Surgeon vacant
Master Gunner vacant
First Mate vacant
Cook vacant
Able Bodied Sailor Muirenn Ingen Marcain
David of Raven’s Cove
Robert Carswell
Floki Geirrekkr
Elizabeth Caton
Var Grimsson
Royal Liaison Baroness Edan Lowery, OP


Connect with the Fleet

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