Lord Séamus Blær de Maxwell

Captain, The Panther Fierce

Séamus Blær de Maxwell, son and grandson of New Men, was born in the 11th year of Elizabeth’s glorious reign at his family’s estate in Kirkcudbrightshire, near Dumfries. After service verses the Armada, he entered into the service of the Ministry of State. Following the suspicious death of the poet Marlowe, he found his way unto the Knowne Worlde. Serving the Kings of Meridies and the Queens of Ansteorra eventually compelled him to go once again upon his travels. The he lost the remainder of his illusions in service to Strange Queens and giving cries to Stranger Gods. Returning to settle in Atlantia with his limbs and what passes for his soul intact, Cap’n de Maxwell now strives to establish his pretty Dutch maid as a famous and lucky ship.

Order of Precedence

No known blazon.

Connect with the Fleet

If you wish to be on a ship's crew, please contact her Captain to discuss berthing. If you would like to join us without being on a crew, you can submit a letter of intent to us at info@corsairium.org.