The Panther Fierce


The Panther, wrought at Fierce Yards, Rotterdam, of largely English oak salvaged from shattered hulks, is classed in English parlance as a Full-Rigged Pinnace, the smallest type of barque capable of sustained blue water operations. She is an exceptionally able sailor. The Dutch are classing her sisters Jachtschiffen-hunting vessels. She has eight gun ports along her below-deck. Presently, only four are occupied; mounting Danish-built breech-loading long chained rifles. She also presently mounts swivel guns, two at her weather-deck waist, one at her fore and mainmast tops.

Ship's Crew

Captain Lord Séamus Blær de Maxwell
Quarter Master vacant
Sailing Master vacant
Boatswain vacant
Carpenter vacant
Surgeon vacant
Master Gunner vacant
First Mate vacant
Cook vacant
Able Bodied Sailor vacant
Royal Liaison vacant


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