The North Star

The Corsairium's Scouting Vessel

Home to newcomers and wanderers, The North Star serves as a home to all Corsairs that have not yet found a ship to call home. It is with the founding of this vessel that our hopes become such that no Corsair ever feel that they are not a part of a crew.

Ship's Crew

Captain Lord Randall Leftwich
Quarter Master Lord Gawain de Berri
Sailing Master vacant
Boatswain vacant
Carpenter vacant
Surgeon vacant
Master Gunner vacant
First Mate vacant
Cook Lady Dorothea del Medue
Able Bodied Sailor Lady Cyneswith the Quiet
Cloia Zink
Reed Zink
Royal Liaison vacant


Connect with the Fleet

If you wish to be on a ship's crew, please contact her Captain to discuss berthing. If you would like to join us without being on a crew, you can submit a letter of intent to us at