Lord Otto von Schwyz

Captain, The LionSlayer
Corsair Third Class

15th century Swiss German Mercenary currently wandering the coastal lands of modern day Italy. Been active in the SCA sense 1986 and a founding member of the Shire of Crannog Mor. I was born in the late 1400's in a small canton call Schwyz, Switzerland. As the middle son of a business owner, I would not see much, if any, of the family money. When I was 16, I started my career as a mercenary and hired hand.

Traveling south to the Italian states, I became a member of the kitchen staff with the de' Medici family in Florence. During this time I learned how to cook and serve. After the deaths of my benefactors, one of the family was left, Catherine, their youngest daughter. It was then that I met Cardinal Guilio de' Medici, who came to Florence to take over the local government and the family. By the 1520's I was one of a few personal servants to the Cardinal, who became Pope Clement VII.

Being from Switzerland and with some combat experience I became a member of the Swiss Guard. I learned what it was to be a member of the Guard. I studied swordsmanship, how to use a pike, and what was expected in me when the Pope was traveling. All of this came to the test on May 6, 1527, when the Emperor Charles V sacked Rome. 147 Swiss Guards died alongside then-commander Kaspar Roist, while 42 were saved with Clement Vll in Castle San Angelo.

It has been about two dozen years sense I have left my home with little word on the condition of my family. After that bloody day in May, I have pledge my life to protect what is left of the Guard and to Church.

Order of Precedence

Azure ermined argent, an ounce rampant enflamed guardant contourny between flaunches argent

Name registered with the College of Arms in November 1992.
Reblazoned device registered with the College of Arms in November 1992.

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