Ships of the Fleet

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The Alyssa Lyn Rose
Captained by
Baron Thorgrimr inn Kyrri

The Black Rose
Captained by
Lord Ihone Munro
The Dark Lady
Captained by
Lady Kellia Ironrose
The Flying Bones
Captained by
Lady Bella Rose
The Gryphon's Revenge
Captained by
Lord Jehan-Franc de Blauvac
Kai Ryuu
Captained by
Baron Takeda Yoshinaka
Captained by
Lord Otto von Schwyz
Captained by
Lady Caitriona inghen Ghiolla Phadraig
Panther Fierce
Captained by
Lord Séamus Blær de Maxwell
Queen of Storms
Captained by
Yusef ibn Hassan al-Rasuli
Siren's Song
Captained by
Lady Una Redfox
Captained by
Baron Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain
The North Star
Captained by Lord Randall Leftwich
The Sea Sprite
Captained by Xavier Crystal Keeper
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