Inactive Ships


Through the years, we have had several fine crews to work with The Corsairium. Though some may have not actively participated in quite some time, we have not forgotten contributions made by all.

Smooth seas to our friends!

The Carnage/Queen of Storms: Captain Yusef ibn Hassan (Draxus Primus)

The Soul Reaver: Captain Raphael de la Rosa

The Scoundrel: Captain Nichola Buscelli

The Sea Stalker: Captain Ronan MacStalker (Draxus Archonus)

The Brandubgh: Captain Jelyan de Coity

TMS Sea Tyger: Captain Donngal mac Ronain

The Sea Dog: Captain Humfrey Lovett

The Raptor: Captain Jack Black

Connect with the Fleet

If you wish to be on a ship's crew, please contact her Captain to discuss berthing. If you would like to join us without being on a crew, you can submit a letter of intent to us at