Member Articles

A compendium of works, research, projects and documentation from Corsairium members

Being a Corsair
Courtesy and Captaincy Lord Brendan O'Caiside
Persona Development Lord William "Cookie" Barfoot

Food and Drink
Ship's Biscuits in the SCA Lord William "Cookie" Barfoot

The Voyageur Cap - A Brief History Captain Una Redfox
Getting Salty with Sailor Garb Lord William "Cookie" Barfoot

Knot Tying 101
The Bowline Antonio di Giordani

Famous Captains and Explorers
Sir Francis Drake Lord Donngal mac Ronain

Types of Ships
The Junk Lady Fríða in hárfagra
The Galleon Lady Fríða in hárfagra
Connect with the Fleet

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